Shaping Visions into Reality




In almost every water-related and land development project our engineers have utilized and furthered their technical skills in hydrology and hydraulics.  Our hydrologists are proficient in the use of the Corps of Engineers library of computer programs from the Hydrologic Engineering Center as well as other urban, SCS, and in-house hydrology and hydraulic programs.  All of our dam, hydroelectric, and flood control projects have required streamflow analysis or hydrometerological methods to predict design floods and water supply.


Specific Water Resources services offered include:



Surface and Groundwater


System Simulation and Modeling

Water Rights

Dams and Reservoirs

Irrigation and Drainage

Hydraulic Structures

Runoff and Flood Hydrology

Flood Control and Check Structure Design

Erosion Control

Drainage System Modeling and Design

Detention Facility Sizing and Design

Site Grading and Drainage Design

Stream Alteration Permitting and Design

Onsite Wastewater System Design

Water quality studies

Groundwater investigations

Groundwater analysis and modeling

Groundwater sampling and analysis

Installation of monitor well networks



Following are projects that reflect Bingham Engineering’s experience and expertise:


·    Little Cottonwood Diversion and Erosion Control Study - Salt Lake County, Utah

·    Kennecott Surface Water Management Plan, Kennecott Copper - Salt Lake County, Utah

·    University of Utah Northwest Quadrant Storm Drain - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    MX Flood Hydrology, Brown and Caldwell / U.S. Air Force - Southern Utah and Eastern Nevada

·    Surplus Canal/Goggin Drain Diversion Structure, Salt Lake County, Utah

·    Dry Creek Channel Rehabilitation and Drop Structures - Sandy, Utah

·    Salt Lake City International Center - Salt Lake City, Utah        

·    West Pond Spillway and Return Brine Canal - Salt Lake County, Utah

·    Piute-Sevier Valley Diversion Structure - Joseph, Utah

·    Strawberry Power Canal Diversion Structure -

·    Stone Creek Hydroelectric Project Diversion Structure -

·    Low Line Hydroelectric Project Diversion Structure -

·    Dietrich Drop Hydroelectric Diversion Structure - Dietrich, Idaho