Shaping Visions into Reality




In an energy-conscious world, hydropower has been widely acclaimed for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The conversion of energy from water force to usable power harnesses natural energy in a way that affects neither the quantity nor the quality of the water and requires no fuel.  Bingham Engineering, on behalf of municipalities, irrigation districts, canal companies and private individuals throughout the Western and Pacific Coast States, provides all engineering services necessary to evaluate, design and install a hydropower facility.


Hydro Power related services provided include:


Feasibility Studies

Licensing Applications

Environmental & Model Studies

Field Investigations

Performance Analysis

Design and Construction


Projects representative of our hydropower expertise include:


·    Pineview Hydro Project – Pineview Reservoir, Utah

·    Marseilles Hydroelectric Project – Lock and Dam on Illinois River at Marseilles, Illinois

·    Black Bear Lake Hydroelectric Project – Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

·    Island Park Hydro – Island Park, Idaho

·    Pacific Hydro Projects Feasibility – Many Sites in Washington, Utah

·    Stone Creek Hydro – Timothy Lake, Oregon

·    Black Creek Hydro – North Bend, Washington

·    Echo Hydro Project – Echo Reservoir, Utah

·    Lake Creek – Heber City, Utah

·    Strawberry Water Users Hydro – Spanish Fork, Utah

·    Big Sand Wash Hydro – Altamont, Utah

·    Ephraim City Hydro – Ephraim, Utah

·    Pigeon Cove Hydro – Twin Falls, Idaho

·    Low Line Hydro – Twin Falls, Idaho

·    Littlewood Hydro – Carey, Idaho

·    Felt Hydro – Tetonia, Idaho

·    Echo Dam – Coalville, Utah

·    Gunlock – St. George, Utah

·    Stone Creek – Estacada, Oregon

·    Dietrich Drop – Shoshone, Idaho