Shaping Visions into Reality




Geotechnical investigations, soils reports, and foundation recommendations and designs have been part of Bingham Engineering's services since the company was first organized. Our geotechnical engineers and geologists have provided support on major civil projects as well as undertaking complex geotechnical projects requiring detailed exploration, analysis, materials testing, and design of embankments, foundations, pavement sections, excavations, sub-drainage systems, and engineered fills.  Bingham Engineering also maintains a 4130-square-foot materials testing laboratory for soils, rock, concrete, asphalt and other specialized testing.  Additionally, Bingham Engineering also provides hydrogeologic services for environmental and water development projects.


 Specific geotechnical services offered include:


Liquefaction Assessment and Mitigation

Slope Stability & Retaining Wall Design

Soils and Foundation Investigations

Design and construction of production wells

Settlement Analysis and Monitoring

Shallow Foundation Design

Deep Foundation (Piles) Design

Flexible and Rigid Pavement Designs

Embankment Design

Sub-Drainage Systems

Engineered Fills

Street and Road Profile Design

Construction Specifications

Fault Rupture Studies

Materials Testing:

  Direct and Residual Shear Tests

  Consolidation Tests

  Unconfined Shear Tests

  California Bearing Ratio

  Proctor Tests

  Grain Size Distribution Tests

  Concrete Field and Strength Tests

  Nuclear Density Tests

  Permeability Tests

  Asphalt Extraction & Compation


Projects representative of our geotechnical expertise include:


·    7 Major Hotels (2006-2007) - Salt Lake County, Utah

·    Dozens of major industrial and commercial buildings

·    Riverton Secondary Water System - Riverton, Utah

·    Sorenson Technology Park - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Ninigret Industrial Park - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    South Towne Center - Sandy, Utah

·    Two nine-story office buildings at Triad Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Doubletree Hotel - Salt Lake City

·    Airport Hilton Inn (Salt Lake City) - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    IBM Building on South Temple (Salt Lake City) - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Lakeside Plaza twin 5-story office buildings & parking structure - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    First Security Utah Service Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Broadcast House (5 Triad Center) - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    50% + of  building sites at the Salt Lake International Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Calligan Creek Hydro - Washington

·    Mervyn’s, SuperTarget - Sandy, Utah

·    Dean Whitter Discover Building - West Valley City, Utah  

·    Stone Creek Hydro – Oregon

·    Bonneville Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

·    Mountain Dell Dam - Salt Lake County, Utah

·    Settlement Canyon Dam - Tooele County, Utah

·    Salt Flats Rehabilitation - Tooele County, Utah

·    Foxboro Residential Community - North Salt Lake, Utah

·    Business Depot Ogden - Ogden, Utah