Shaping Visions into Reality




Featured Projects:



Foxboro Development:


The Foxboro development, a new residential development located in North Salt Lake is on a site originally master planned for a business park.  Bingham Engineering developed a master plan that incorporated all of the site constraints, including approximately 30 acres of wetlands that were preserved in a corridor through the development.  The resulting master plan includes 690 single family lots, 330 attached residential units, 240 apartment units, an elementary school site a church site and 32 acres of commercial parcels.  Since the development is located in an undeveloped area, extensive master planning for water, sewer, storm drainage and secondary water was required.  The final development will consist of approximately 7 miles of roads and associated water, sewer and storm drainage piping, a sewer lift station and outfall line, two roundabouts, 2.5 miles of trails, 22.4 acres of wetland/open space and 6 neighborhood parks.



Rosecrest Development:


Bingham Engineering performed the master planning, platting, engineering design, park design and construction management for the Rosecrest Development, located within the boundaries of the incorporated Town of Herriman.  The entire development includes 2300 acres with an average residential density of 1 lot per acre.  Rosecrest is a master planned community with an estimated population of 6,000 - 7,000 residents.  Salient features of the development include two 1 million gallon water tanks, extension of an arterial street (5600 West), neighborhood and regional parks interconnected with trails and open space.  A county storm water detention pond, commercial plats for supermarkets, an office/research park and strip malls are also planned.



Other Residential Projects:


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Coventry Development, North Salt Lake, Utah

Foxboro North Development, North Salt Lake, Utah

Farmington Hollow Development, Farmington, Utah

Sunset Equestrian Estates Development, Kaysville, Utah

Chamberry Fields Development, Alpine, Utah

Hunters Creek Development, Kaysville, Utah